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Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Okay real QUICK and BRIEF!!!

As you take time to read this message, please keep in mind what the Minister said today...July 11' 2010 about who founded and controlled many of the civil rights orgs, especially the NAACP!

This so-called Action summit that preserves Hip Hop is a damn JOKE! Before we GO further...LOOK at what I wrote in my book The Hip Hop Nation: Willie Lynch's Newest Slave!

"Def Jam had become a political, social, and economic power broker…NOT Russell Simmons, but Def Jam!, the Def Jam that was signed over to white folk the minute Rick Rubin came on board. Rick took Def Jam into places that the American Negro was not, and is still not allowed to go. Russell could look, but he certainly could not touch. He was given trinkets of appreciation that when measured against the reality of “white wealth” is seen as pathetically weak. The soul was not “stolen”, in this case it was “sold”.

In 1988, after winning a “power struggle” over Rick Rubin, a new and more developed Jew by the name of Lyor Cohen became president of Def Jam. This streamlined Jew and power broker of those who desire global domination, is affectionately referred to within the realm of the music industry as “LANSKY” after the Polish, so-called Jewish immigrant “Myer Lansky” who was instrumental in forming the “American Mafia”.

After the two so-called Jewish men, Mr. Cohen and Mr. Ruben, battled over rights to their Negro slaves, the spoils of war were handed over to a man whose first move within the offices of Def Jam was to de-emphasize the name and logo of Def Jam, and introduce into the HipHop community the acronym, or term “RAL”. Within the office spaces of Def Jam, “RAL” was seen to mean “Russell and Lyor”; but was officially to mean “Rush Associated Labels”. Remember, the gold “RUSH” was on, and if Lyor Cohen had no business sympathy for his “Jewish” brethren Rick Ruben, what would be the outcome for a Negro slave by the name of Russell that Cohen had no political, social, religious, and financial loyalty to. In regards to the name change of Def Jam, the slave master always changes the name of his slave in order to denote ownership."

NOW go and CLICK the Following LINK! you will see the BOARD of Directors of the HSAN!

Board of Directors:

Russell Simmons, Co-Chairman

Rush Communications

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Co-Chairman HAVE we NOTICED how now that this guy is in bed with the so-called JEWS, He aint Benjamin "Muhammad" no more!

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network

Kevin Liles

Warner Music Group

Damon Dash

Dash Music Group

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Bad Boy Entertainment

Jermaine Dupri

Virgin Records

Lyor Cohen

Warner Music Group

Kedar Massenberg

Kedar Entertainment

Johnny Furr

*Anheuser Busch

Kwesi Mfume

Mfume Group

Dr. Manning Marable

Columbia University

Rich Slomovitz, Treasurer

Rush Communications

Hillary Rosen

Former President, Recording Industry Association of America

If you have read my book, you would notice many of the above listed names and companies!

*Look what I say about Anheuser Busch

"Having recorded songs such as Burn Hollywood Burn, and I Wanna Kill Sam, Ice Cube was approached by the wickedly wise so-called Jewish poison merchant by the name of Minott Wessinger, a descendent of brewer Henry Weihard, also a so-called Jewish chemical poison manufacturer. After his family’s brewery was sold to G. Heileman Brewing Company, Mr. Wessinger started the McKenzie River Corporation, created a new malt liquor, and contracted Heileman to brew it for him beginning in 1987.

As a note, G. Heileman Brewing Company is responsible for the chemical poison aimed primarily at the heads of blacks as a malt liquor named after a gun, Colt 45. Ice Cube, although being identified during his N.W.A days as an avid drinker and supporter of the hugely successful malt liquor Olde English (8 Ball), accepted thousands of dollars to record over 30 radio spots and to reference the 8 Ball’s poisonous competitor St. Ides within his songs. This rapper who had made himself famous as a solo artist by his alliance to the socially conscious rap group Public Enemy, sold out to the chemical poison manufactures by endorsing the consumption of this ethno-centered targeted weapon of mass destruction. Olde English is the major competitor of St. Ides, a drink named as a church or saint, and St. Ides malt liquor quickly surpassed Olde English in sales with the help of Mr. Wessinger’s slave Oshea “Ice Cube” Jackson.

Mr. Wessinger seduced Ice Cube into a whore like relationship that while he got paid, he “Fucked” his entire community. Understanding that the money offered by the so-called Jew did little to make or break the success of one of the most successful rappers of all time, we would think the social stance of rejection would have even furthered Ice Cubes career and the socially conscious rhetoric that he has spit from his lips. Ice Cube chose a different route, he chose the so-called Jew and the money over the health and well being of his community… and by doing so has become one of the most successful black rappers turned movie star. I wonder if his ability to sell-out has anything to do with his ability to secure certain movie roles that are offered by the cousins on those that sale the poison in the bottles… hummm, I don’t know!

Examine the following: Budweiser is ran and owned by so-called Jews, Anheuser-Busch; Schlitz Malt Liquor is the product of so-called Jew, Joseph Schlitz, as mentioned before; Olde English malt liquor is the result of so-called Jewish operated G. Heileman Brewery. But the most powerful chemical poison manufacturer in the world is none other than the aforementioned Mr. Edgar Bronfman.

I even EDUCATE the reader on who really runs the companies mentioned in the Board of Directors...consider Warner Bro.s!

Warner Communication was founded in 1972, and was the parent company for Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Music Group during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Warner Communications also owned DC Comics and Mad which were major producers of comic books and magazines. In addition to the above, it was a majority stake holder in the Garden National Bank. From 1976 through 1984, Warner Communications made huge profits by owning Atari—the major video game system of that time.

Time Warner Inc. or Time Warner is a huge American media conglomerate with a major Internet, publishing, film, telecommunications and television divisions. This gigantic powerhouse corporation is headquartered in New York City, and as previously mentioned, finds its root in Warner Communications.

In 1970, Warner decided to expand under the guidance of a CEO by the name of Steve Ross, a so-called Jew that was born as Steven Jay Rechnitz in Brooklyn, New York. As the leader of Warner Communications, Steve Ross formed a joint venture with American Express, named Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment. This formulated entertainment company held cable channels including MTV, Nickelodeon and Showtime. Warner bought out American Express’s half in 1984, and sold the venture a year later to Viacom, which renamed it as MTV Networks.

In 1987 it was announced that Time Inc. and Warner Communications intended to merge. Prior to the merger, however, Warner decided to purchase Lorimar-Telepictures; this was done in 1989. The following year the merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications was complete.

As a combined company, the official name was now Time Warner and this company acquired Ted Turner’s Turner Broadcasting System in October 1996. By Purchasing Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner gained control over some major networks.

OKAY...I will hit you with some more about these Warner Brothers that I mention in the BOOK!

In the year 2000, a so-called Jewish businessman named Gerald M. Levin brokered a merger between AOL (America Online) and Time Warner. Having spent most of his career with Time Inc. (later Time Warner), he started as the Programming Executive for Home Box Office (HBO), eventually becoming CEO of the corporation.

I mention the above details concerning Time Warner and its many holdings and business acquisitions to point to a certain trend within the media, entertainment and music world. As we continue, the ties that bind these corporations and their rulers will be seen clearly, and the impact that they are having on the global population will be identified for what it is.

As for Suge Knight and his Death Row Records, he was financially assisted in 1992 by the previously mentioned Jimmy Iovine. This so-called Jew, played the traditional “Jewish” role, in assisting the financially deficient so-called Negro entrepreneur pursue his business ambitions. This trend is seen by anyone that desires to look at it and call it for what it is.

Interscope Records is a record plantation that resides under the Time Warner Umbrella. They are controlled by so-called Jewish business men that financially back and institute entertainment and music trends. Consider the following… Time Warner, having helped create Death Row Records through the overseeing plantation of Interscope Records, created a heated public controversy concerning Death Row and their so-called gangster product. This product was systematically released to the public with the insatiable elements that accompany controversy. Though Time Warner sold Interscope to MCA, Time Warner also received millions from the deal.

So… once again, Time Warner and the so-called Jewish slave masters benefited from the miserable social condition of black people.

Before we move forward, please stop and think about what I am not merely suggesting, but systematically offering proof of. I get no perverse form of pleasure by beating upon these so-called Jews. I simply desire to expose those rich and powerful hands that have traditionally and presently garnished vast amounts of wealth off the talent of black people. Regardless if it is HipHop or any other form of music; regardless if its athletics or various forms of entertainment, the undeniable fact is that we as black people have allowed foreigners the power to control and dominate our most prized resource—the God given talents that will assist us in the establishment and maintenance of a sovereign nation.


Mission Statement:

Founded in 2001, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) is dedicated to harnessing the cultural relevance of Hip-Hop music to serve as a catalyst for education advocacy and other societal concerns fundamental to the empowerment of youth. HSAN is a non-profit, non-partisan national coalition of Hip-Hop artists, entertainment industry leaders, education advocates, civil rights proponents, and youth leaders united in the belief that Hip-Hop is an enormously influential agent for social change which must be responsibly and proactively utilized to fight the war on poverty and injustice.

" harnessing the cultural relevance of Hip-Hop music"

HARNESS means control!!!

This so-called Hip Hop is corporate is that garbage that you hear on the RADIO, and see on the VIDEOs everyday...IS that SHIT good or BAD!!! Where is the socially responsible content!!

The HIPHOP ACTION SUMMIT bullshit is WACK...and designed to CONTROL and Dumb down the minds of the masses!!! WILL YOU HELP me to EXPOSE it for what it IS!!?

Please go and order you copy...just sacrifice your few dollars...the book will be in your hands no longer than two days after I get your ORDER!!

If you knew how all these so-called hiphop activists and hiphop sites are trying to PLAY me would TRIP out! So I need my friends and family to help me out!

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